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About Us

The company “MONTSTATE” d.o.o. Cetinje, was established in 1993 with the main activity of producing soft drinks. The results we have achieved since, our ambition and family spirit have been the driving force behind innovations and new goals we are setting along the line of the company development!

In 2006, by building a modern production facility, we expanded our activity to meat processing and charcuterie. Experience of our ancestors and traditional recipes complemented with the climate typical for mountain-littoral area at the foot of the Mount Lovcen have always been an excellent natural resource for production of unique Montenegrin delicacies.

Development of our sale network was followed by investments into the product finishing line, both in terms of modern packaging and introduction of new technologies, which allowed us to enter the market with semi-durable products and processed fresh meat.


Head office of the company is in Cetinje, Mojkovacka 13, while the production facility is located in Konak, 5 kilometres from Cetinje on the way to Budva. The location was not selected randomly. As a matter of fact, during the production of traditional Montenegrin charcuterie specialties, the locationmicroclimate has an important roleand is one of the principal contributors to the taste and quality of products.


Climate at the location is mild with significant rainfalls throughout the year. According to theKöppen-Geiger climateclassification, the climate at the location is classified as Cfb-temperatewarm inland west climate characterized by a small temperature amplitude, an increased air humidity and intense airflows all at 725 meters above the sea, giving our product a unique quality.

“MONTSTATE” exports to Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina with the ambition to obtain the export number for the EU market. In order to establish a reliable production in line with international standards, the company introduced the HACCP food safety system in 2009 and obtained the relevant certificate in 2010.  A high-quality and safe product resulting in satisfaction and permanent trust of our consumers and clients are the core principles on which the business of “MONTSTATE” d.o.o. Cetinje is based.


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